2. Temporary works

Our experienced temporary works engineers work collaboratively within any project team to deliver a service that is responsive, proactive, innovative and flexible. We collaborate with clients from the outset and put project objectives at the heart of all temporary works projects. We focus on leading consultation and decision making to achieve the best outcome for clients, throughout the project lifecycle. Our vast technical experience, strong leadership and commitment to collaboration and project objectives means we are confident of:

  • Achieving optimal project outcomes
  • Securing clients licence to operate through ongoing stakeholder support
  • Providing economic value and risk management to optimise client’s investment – working closely with contractors, we provide cost and time effective solutions. While ultimately resulting in efficiency, quality, timeliness and reduced project costs, this also ensures contractors can demonstrate they have in place sound arrangements for controlling the risks arising from temporary works
  • Permanent works security – our safe and well-designed construction-friendly solutions are intently mindful of the need to enable the construction of permanent works
  • Making life easier and safer for our clients – we use best practice temporary works management and provide:
    • recommendations and guidance on the procedural controls to be applied to all aspects of temporary works
    • provide specific input into the erection, safe use, maintenance and dismantling of the temporary works.