Asset Management

Lindsay Dynan Consulting Engineers provide independent Asset Management services including strategy and planning, data collection,

detailed condition and residual life assessment and monitoring.

Asset Owners are facing constrained financial environments, which makes the management of their asset portfolios and its associated risks increasingly difficult. Effective Asset Management is vital within sectors where maintaining service levels and satisfying future demand are critical to sustaining profitability and public perception.

Lindsay Dynan Consulting Engineers provide independent Asset Management services, which are supported by Civil and Structural Engineering, Environmental Services and Materials Technology. We’re an authentic business partner committed to delivering superior outcomes in alignment with our client’s Asset Management objectives.

Our Asset Management services include:

  • Asset strategy and planning
  • Data collection
  • Detailed condition assessment
  • Asset monitoring
  • Digital asset management

As part of our Asset Management offering, we provide Materials Technology services, including:

  • Materials design and specification appropriate for planned service life, exposure environment and loading
  • Specialist structural investigation and condition assessment, including diagnostic testing and residual life assessment
  • Remedial engineering and specification for deteriorated structures to achieve planned residual life
  • Construction and operational phase support