At Lindsay Dynan, we consider Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to be an important factor in our operations. This is true of many organisations in Australia and around the world as, increasingly, businesses are considered by their communities as ‘corporate citizens’ rather than simply profit-driven machines.

Often referred to as the ‘triple bottom line approach’, Corporate Social Responsibility involves an ethical and sustainable organisational approach that considers the economic, social, and environmental impacts of corporate activity on the communities and economies in which they operate.

Why are we committed to Corporate Social Responsibility?

We at Lindsay Dynan are conscious that our operational activities have the potential to directly or indirectly contribute to changes in the environment, in our local communities, and on the economy. We are committed to ensuring that this impact is a positive one, which is why we are dedicated to CSR.

Corporate Social Responsibility is no longer seen to be simply a charitable undertaking, but a meaningful and significant business initiative. There are several key factors to the importance of CSR for corporations:

  1. Employee engagement and behaviour

Research suggests that employees who understand their employers to be ethical businesses are more likely to be committed to ‘doing the right thing’ at work. When employees witness the commitment of their organisations to CSR, they are encouraged to engage in cooperative and ethical behaviour in their roles, with their teammates, and throughout their organisation. Likewise, a commitment to CSR fosters closer and more high-quality working relationships between team members. Not only does this reduce turnover and absenteeism but can also increase productivity.

  1. CSR encourages creative thinking and collaboration

Where employees can see positive impacts being made on the communities in which they operate, a shared interest for the community within the wider team is generated, as is a greater sense of ownership over one’s own role in the organisation. As a result, businesses that are committed to CSR encourage a deeper level of creative thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving amongst their employees.

  1. Community support and engagement

Operating ethically for the better of the community helps to foster community engagement and support for a business. This is a key factor in ensuring the longevity of any organisation, as not only does community support help to raise the profile of corporations, it also encourages community stakeholders to offer their input on business operations, and can even help to bring the best and brightest minds into the organisation as employees.

  1. The longevity of the environment and economy

Finally, a dedication to CSR means a lasting positive impact on the environment and the economy as a whole. Operating in an ethical and sustainable way means ensuring that the immediate community, the Australian economy, and both the Australian and global environment are not unnecessarily negatively impacted by business operations and can continue to thrive into the future.

Lindsay Dynan partnership with the Indigenous Australians Engineering School (IAES)

In line with our commitment at Lindsay Dynan to operate with Corporate Social Responsibility in mind, we have partnered with Indigenous Australian Engineering Schools (IAES). This Engineering Aid Australia (EAA) initiative, hosted by Curtin University and Sydney University, provides Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander school-age students the opportunity to experience a week-long intensive program, which highlights the benefits and opportunities of a career in engineering. The program aims to support and inspire Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students with an interest in engineering, by introducing them to prominent engineering role models from around Australia and offering them an immersive learning experience.

Since its inception in 1996, the program has welcomed over 700 students from around Australia, of which a staggering 65% have completed tertiary training, and over 160 have gone on to pursue engineering careers.

Lindsay Dynan has sponsored the IAES program since 2011, financing the travel, accommodation and participation costs for one of the IAES students each year. Alongside other sponsor organisations, Lindsay Dynan staff participate in networking workshops which provide the students with an insight into the work of structural and civil engineers. We are proud to be a part of this exciting and innovative program and support its many volunteers, who dedicate their expertise to helping Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to realise their full potential – many going on to lead rewarding careers in engineering and having an enormous positive impact on their communities.

Lindsay Dynan Corporate Social Responsibility


Upcoming CSR initiatives at Lindsay Dynan

We are currently exploring several additional Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, which we hope to announce soon. Follow our updates on LinkedIn for upcoming announcements.