Lindsay Dynan was delighted to partner with TUNRA Bulk Solids and HIC Services recently, to deliver a 10% throughput gain to the transfer chute of a prominent Hunter Valley coal mine. Due to limited existing drawings, our team created a conceptual plan for the redesign of the chute using cutting-edge 3D modelling. This concept, once approved, was then used to undertake the detailed engineering design for the project, which was ultimately labelled a great success.

“Working with such professional companies made it a lot easier. It was exciting to help increase the capacity of the chute by 200 tonnes per hour, while also sticking to the current footprint – an achievement in itself,” said Jude Sneesby, HIC Business Development Manager. Read more about the Hunter Valley project here


A collaboration of Newcastle businesses, including TUNRA Bulk Solids, HIC Services, and Lindsay Dynan, worked together to improve the throughput of a transfer chute at a prominent Hunter Valley coal mine by using 3D modelling technology.