Xiangshui Coal Preparation Plant
Lupanshui, Guizhou Province, China

QCC Resources (Kanawha Scales & Systems)

Structural Engineering

The Task
The Xiangshui coal preparation plant (CPP) was a new facility to be constructed on a greenfield site.  The design criteria included limiting vibrations to avoid structural damage to mechanical equipment, components attached to the structure and the structure itself, as well as ensuring that human perception of vibration levels would not result in any discomfort.

Our Role
As structural design engineers, Lindsay Dynan undertook both static and natural frequency structural analyses.  Finite Element Analysis was used extensively to design the structure to ensure that it could withstand the vibrating and rotating equipment.

The design of the vibration sensitive structure was optimised so that the coal preparation plant was economical to build due to a very efficient structural form. 

Lindsay Dynan's traditional design and documentation philosophies were adapted to suit the prevailing design and construction requirements in China.  This project demonstrated our ability to liaise with and design in accordance with Chinese institutes’ requirements as well as meeting the client’s needs.