Warners Bay Homemaker Centre
Warners Bay NSW

BB Retail Capital Pty Ltd

Structural Engineering

Leffler Simes Architects - Sydney ; Coffey Geotechnics

The Task and Our Role
Lindsay Dynan was intensely involved in the Warners Bay Homemaker Centre development, which was completed in 2009.  It comprises four separate buildings totalling 13,000m2 of new showrooms and is located on the largest and last bulky goods site available in Warners Bay, with tenancies ranging from 600 – 1,900m2.

The site had previously been used as a quarry which had been in-filled with poorly compacted soil upon closure, leading to poor ground conditions at the development site.  This necessitated Lindsay Dynan's developing innovative and cost effective solutions to overcome the related issues, and has involved effective liaison with the geotechnical engineers and the Mine Subsidence Board.