VAMRAB (Methane abatement device) – Centennial Mine
Mandalong NSW


Project Management & Programming

Underground coal mining involves the release of methane which is a harmful greenhouse gas. The VAMRAB is a first of its kind technology aimed at ameliorating the environmental impact of coal mines by combusting the low methane fugitive emissions.

This project involved the project management and planning of the design phase of this novel technology at Mandalong Mine. Lindsay Dynan coordinated the process and acted as a nexus between the inventor and the mine, as well as providing civil/structural design.

The project was largely funded by a government body and challenges therefore included maintaining project progress in accordance with the agreed funding schedule and adhering to the rigorous reporting regime. These items, coupled with consideration of the legislative and operational requirements for this innovative technology, proved a challenging yet rewarding task.

Pictured here is a project similar to VAMRAB, whereas VAMRAB is currently still under construction.