Ravensworth North Coal Preparation Plant
Ravensworth North NSW

CPG Resources

Structural Engineering 

The Task
Ravensworth North Coal Preparation Plant (CPP) is an existing mine and coal processing facility which has been expanded significantly to meet increased demands.  The Ravensworth North CPP upgrade included modifications to the existing preparation plant and later construction of two new modules housing the process developed by CPG Resources.  The assignment, therefore, was to upgrade the existing building and construct two new modules whilst ensuring the existing operations could continue.

Our Role
Lindsay Dynan worked closely with CPG Resources to not only upgrade the existing CPP, but also to add the new modules to the existing facility.  Lindsay Dynan's solution allows the plant to be successfully upgraded using modular construction on a site with limited access.  

3D BIM was used extensively during the design phase to assess constructability whilst ensuring that operations could be maintained at the existing facility during the construction period.