Rathmines Zone Substation
Rathmines NSW

Ausgrid Newcastle

Mine Subsidence Design

Group GSA Architects

The Task and Our Role
Although an agreement has been reached with the mine to limit the magnitude of mine subsidence ground tilts and strains, Rathmines Zone Substation is the first ever Ausgrid substation to have been designed to accommodate the still-significant ground subsidence movements that will occur when a future long-wall coal mine passes underneath.  By meticulous analysis and then careful detailing, Lindsay Dynan was able to design a structure that, for minimal additional cost, has sufficient flexibility and articulation to absorb the predicted ground movements, thereby preventing damage to the critical electrical components of the substation.

The project also involved an extensive consultation phase led by Lindsay Dynan.  Through meetings with the key stakeholders and following the preparation of various studies and reports, Lindsay Dynan assisted Ausgrid to achieve approval and sign-off from the Mine Subsidence Board, the DARZL (Development Application and Rezoning Liaison) committee, Centennial Coal and Industry & Investment NSW (former DPI).

In the following video, courtesy of Ausgrid, Project Manager Paul Russell explains some of the challenges faced during the assignment: