Project Management Services

Rigorous project management is crucial to ensuring all project phases are a success.

As engineering consultants with qualified project management specialists on our team, we have had the pleasure of managing several complex engineering projects.  A selection of these are featured in the PROJECT MANAGEMENT & PROJECT PROGRAMMING PROJECTS section.

The Project Management Group was established to complement Lindsay Dynan’s existing engineering disciplines, providing a holistic design and construction service.  With this expertise in-house, we are optimally positioned to provide project management services. 

The group’s members have civil and structural engineering design and construction backgrounds, yet their sole focus is on project management.  This confers the dual benefit of a pragmatic and cost effective approach to problem solving, but with a singular focus on the management aspects of any project.

Having the Project Manager drawn from the same team as the design engineers ensures this coordinator is driven by an intimate knowledge of the job, a greater understanding of its background as well as the needs and nuances of the project.  Notwithstanding, we can also work within any proposed administration structure the client prefers, and adapt our project scheduling and coordination to suit.

A fundamental subcategory of Project Management is Project Programming (Scheduling).  Please also refer to our Business Information Modelling (BIM) section, as we believe this to be an essential element when taking on any challenging project.