Passion Refers to Loving What We Do

We employ structural and civil engineers, draftspeople, marketing and administration staff with real enthusiasm and a talent for their profession, and then foster their skill.  Our people are encouraged to think laterally when problem solving.  We also continually offer training and development.  Our office carries a certain vibe, generated by the excitement of having overcome challenges and delivering solutions. 

Excellence – Finding the Ideal Solution

Never satisfied with the first suggestion, our engineering consultants analyse the problem from various perspectives.  Utilising a team approach, including workshopping both within the office and with clients, and focussing on attention to detail, we continually challenge ourselves to deliver the solution best suited to fulfilling clients’ specifications.  A multitude of awards received over the years prove that we get this process right.  Two of the most satisfying accolades are the 2009 Awards for the Wambo Mine Skyline Conveyor.  These included the Engineering Excellence Award from Engineers Australia Newcastle Division and the University of Newcastle Faculty of Engineering & Built Environment Award for Excellence in Research & Development.  

Innovation – Pioneering Problem Solving

When facing challenges, we revisit the first principles of engineering.  We dissect the problem, determine the range of possible solutions and select only feasible and viable solutions that suit the client’s resources.  We support this process by recognising and integrating leading-edge technologies as they emerge, such as Business Information Modelling (BIM) and Sustainable Practices.