Mattara Summit
Charlestown NSW


Graph Builders Pty Ltd

Structural Engineering

The Task and Our Role
An existing hotel had been refurbished prior to our involvement, and incorporated footings for a future residential tower to be located directly above the hotel.  The design of the tower was modified to suit changed market needs, however the loads from the proposed residential tower needed to be transferred to the already constructed tower footings. 

Adding to the design complexity, the site is underlain by extensive abandoned mine workings and the Mine Subsidence Board imposed quite stringent subsidence parameters to be incorporated into the buildings design.  Extensive Finite Element Analysis and Modelling was undertaken following an exhaustive examination of buildability issues with the builder/developer because of the need for the hotel to continue operating whilst the tower was being constructed above.

The chosen form of construction maximised the use of precast elements for both floors and walls.  Steel trusses were incorporated into the lower floors of the tower to allow the structure to effectively span over the hotel.