Linking the Engineering Community with our Universities & Colleges

At Lindsay Dynan we recognise the importance of quality tertiary education in the development of highly skilled engineers able to excel in our industry, so that it may continue to thrive. We feel it important to maintain close ties to tertiary institutions and continue to cooperate successfully with them.  Several highly qualified and experienced people here gladly invest their time, developing and holding interesting, relevant lecturers on diverse engineering subjects. 

Director, Kevin Dynan, teaches 'Reinforced Concrete Design' as part of the Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) at the University of Newcastle. Supported by Engineer, Darryll Shanks, they have both devoted considerable effort to developing lecturers which utilise modern 3D-BIM technology and practical real life examples from the Lindsay Dynan catalogue of assignments.

Associate and Sydney Office Manager, Steven Lindsay, lecturers in engineering at the University of Technology Sydney. He also supplied his expertise to assist budding engineers as an industry representative and panel member at the forum “Getting a Job”, hosted at the Engineers Australia 2012 Careers Expo held in Sydney.