Lambton Park Rotunda
Lambton NSW

Suters Architects

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The Task and Our Role
Lambton Park is thought to be the site of the very first soccer game in Newcastle, and the surrounding areas were part of the food bowl of the early Newcastle settlement. 

When Lindsay Dynan began the restoration of the significant heritage structure in this important park, the level of deterioration was found to be greater than first assessed.  To complicate matters, the objective of restoring the handrail system required removal of a masonry balustrade that was by default sustaining the precarious structural integrity of the superstructure. 

A clever solution was required and, by replacing the centre post with a steel column of similar shape, cantilevered from the basement, the lateral stability could be transferred to a reliable element.  Partial restoration was then achieved by integration of concealed structure into the new balustrade. 

The finished product is a durable iconic landmark that preserves an important part of the Newcastle heritage.