Kooragang Substation
Kooragang NSW


Civil & Structural Engineering

EJE Architecture

The Task and Our Role
Kooragang Substation was an important project as it provided the final link in the network to service the new coal loader.  Lindsay Dynan was engaged for the civil and structural design and documentation of the substation, which required that design and construction be completed in as little time as possible to ensure the substation was operational in time for the new coal loader.

As the substation is located in an industrial area and in close proximity to the coast, the design had to ensure structural durability to avoid corrosion.  Precast concrete walls were used for Kooragang Substation, which was a first for substations in the region.  This provided several benefits including a shorter construction phase leading to a more economical design, and greater durability of the building facades against corrosion in this coastal environment.

Following the success of this design, Kooragang has acted as a prototype for several other new substations in the Hunter region.