Mangoola Coal Handling Preparation Plant
Muswellbrook NSW

Downer EDI Engineering

3D BIM Industrial

Downer EDI Engineering

The Task
When Xstrata acquired the greenfield Mangoola mine site, significant design work for the coal handling process had been undertaken. Despite this, Xstrata elected to rework the proposed layouts and schemes.  The assignment was therefore to design a coal processing plant building to suit the new process developed by Downer EDI Engineering.

Our Role
Lindsay Dynan’s structural solution involves the design of a modular frame that facilitates the successful erection of over 1400 tonnes of structural steel.  The building was effectively constructed using five designated work areas with modules craned into the final position. 3D BIM was extensively utilised when simulating module cranage, erection sequencing and procurement of key items, as well as assessing safety throughout the construction phase.  3D BIM identified potential scheduling issues as well as possible construction and access problems at the time of design execution.  The identification of each of these factors in the design phase enabled them to be addressed prior to the preparation of documentation, resulting in significant cost savings for the project.

The plant was successfully commissioned and handed over to Xstrata Coal, meeting all the client’s specified structural requirements.