Hotels & Tourism Services

Lindsay Dynan has a very large portfolio of engineering projects undertaken over 30 years in the hotel and tourism industry. 

Our staff regard this area of engineering practice particularly rewarding, as it provides a challenge, to deliver the architectural impact developers invariably seek, whilst ensuring cost effectiveness of solutions for what is always a competitive industry.

Developments undertaken within this industry are exciting, as they allow us to be innovative and occasionally defy the boundaries.  Civil and structural engineering designs are generally critical to outcomes, and a team approach is paramount.  This team can include the client, architect, landscape architect with our company undertaking the civil and structural design.  This is particularly so as some hotel buildings become landmark structures in the region.

As engineering consultants for the hotel and tourism industry, we often find the need to integrate water management, landscape architecture and stormwater civil design into the unit design, taking hotel and tourism developments to a new level.  We aim to achieve spectacular outcomes upon project completion, which then continue to evolve as the project ages and becomes further assimilated with its environment.

An outstanding project demonstrating our ability to deliver excellent engineering services is the Caves Beachside development.  This and a selection of further assignments can be viewed on the HOTELS & TOURISM PROJECTS page.