Fort Scratchley Historical Site Restoration
Newcastle NSW

International Conservation Services Pty Ltd

Structural Engineering

Suters Architects

The Task and Our Role
Lindsay Dynan played a significant part in the preservation and restoration of this regional landmark.

Fort Scratchley was constructed in 1882 to protect the City of Newcastle from a perceived potential Russian invasion.  At risk of destruction by neglect, Fort Scratchley required sensitive restoration and redevelopment in order to maintain its cultural and historical significance.  Lindsay Dynan were part of the design team engaged by the NSW State Government to resurrect the facility and ensure its viability into the future.

Being confronted with century old building materials and construction methods required sensitive preservation methodologies to be developed.  The project needed special attention to achieve a balance between upgrading the structure using new corrosion resistant building materials whilst also retaining as much of the original fabric and materials in their original form.

In addition, safety and operating standards had to be maintained so that the site could continue as a publicly accessible heritage site during the construction phase.

The final result is a very satisfying project which gives purpose to our expertise in heritage engineering and enables us to leave a lasting community legacy.


  • 2009 Heritage Awards Winner