Finite Element Analysis and Modelling Services

Lindsay Dynan regard Finite Element Analysis as a powerful engineering design tool, in both static design of complex structures and in minimising the risk of synchronous (harmonic) frequency vibrations occurring in structures supporting vibrating equipment.

We pride ourselves on being civil and structural engineers with the skill base to deliver the design and analysis of complex components of projects that others would find beyond their expertise.  Having a highly accomplished and competent team of engineers, who take pride in continually evolving their skills, ensures that we remain at the forefront of technological developments expected of the industry in which we operate.
The highly technical skill base is complemented by practical experience gained during the construction phase of projects, including some of the largest mining developments in Eastern Australia over recent years.
We have integrated Finite Element Modelling and material flow properties, to develop specialised expertise in the analysis and design of buried structures within moving stockpiles.  This proficiency has been recognised with several awards, for example the Wambo Skyline Conveyor including Winner of the 2009 Engineering Excellence Award: Engineers Australia Newcastle Division and Winner of the 2009 University of Newcastle Faculty of Engineering & Built Environment Award for Excellence in Research & Development. 
For more information please refer to Analysis of Vibrating Structures Services and FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS AND MODELLING PROJECTS.