CSIRO Solar Tower
Mayfield NSW

CSIRO Energy Technology

Civil & Structural Engineering

The Task and Our Role
CSIRO’s Solar Tower is a prototype that showcases a new and innovative form of power generation.  The Solar Array concept uses 800 square metres of mirror to focus solar radiation onto a chemical reactor.  The tower transforms natural gas into solar gas, a storable and transportable energy source. 

CSIRO developed the project to address the challenges of economic growth with minimum emissions.  With Lindsay Dynan’s input, CSIRO has been able to demonstrate how this potential conflict can be overcome using practical and achievable engineering solutions. 

This project demonstrates the types of pathways that can be used to develop long term and short term solutions to meet the challenges of achieving economic growth whilst minimising emissions through practical and achievable engineering solutions.

Lindsay Dynan was lead consultant within the design team.  We worked closely with the CSIRO and the project architect to deliver a flexible and attractive solution for the tower structure.  One of the key objectives was to create a prototype that in larger commercial applications can be replicated as many times as necessary. 

As the project was a research and design facility, adaptability and flexibility were other key requirements.  Cost effectiveness was also an important outcome in creating a product which is both easily replicated and transportable, thus enabling possible future distribution of similar facilities in remote locations.


  • CSIRO’s Solar Tower was highly commended at the 2006 Newcastle Division Engineering Excellence Awards