Core Values

At Lindsay Dynan, we are committed to living our core values each and every day:

People Matter+

  • We value the personal connections and friendships across the business
  • We trust each other
  • We act with integrity in all our dealings
  • We recognise and value every person's contribution
  • We respect that people have lives and interests outside of work

Client Focus+

  • We strive to listen and really understand our clients' needs
  • We are committed to developing trusting client relationships
  • We strive for innovative solutions that are tailored to clients' needs and budgets
  • We are super-responsive to clients' requests
  • We deliver on all our client commitments


  • We consistently deliver on time and on budget
  • We consistently set and adhere to the highest standards
  • We are diligent and focus on getting every detail right
  • We comply with all Quality Assurance protocols


  • We share our knowledge and support each other
  • We make every effort to work as a team
  • We deal with issues early, honestly and tactfully before they develop into problems
  • We value working flexibly i.e. across different areas and locations


  • We all strive to be leaders in our future success
  • We are driven to succeed
  • We work hard to deliver profitable outcomes
  • We do not waste resources
  • We are commercial in all our decision- making
  • We deliver on all our commitments to the company


  • We value diverse skills and talent
  • We always look to improve the status quo
  • We embrace diversity, including gender and ethnicity
  • We are compassionate of diverse interests