Lindsay Dynan is a firm of civil and structural engineers who, as engineering consultants, deliver a wide variety of high-level analyses and services.

Ideally sized, we are large enough to undertake any scale of project whilst remaining personable, approachable and flexible. For over thirty years, our focus has been on understanding and fulfilling client needs.  We operate from four offices across Australia in Sydney, Perth, Newcastle and New South Wales Central Coast.

Our engineering services include civil, structural & mechanical engineering design and project planning.  We specialise in tackling those assignments that others consider too difficult.  The estimated combined value of projects undertaken at Lindsay Dynan in any one year is around $2 billion.

A critical part of the process is getting to know our clients' businesses, philosophies, approaches and specific requirements they bring to the projects.  We listen carefully, then utilise Passion, Excellence and Innovation to develop a tailor-made solution.