Canterbury STS Redevelopment
Canterbury NSW


Civil & Structural Engineering

Brewster Murray Architects; Energy2U Alliance

The Task and Our Role
Canterbury Subtransmission Substation is an existing facility in Sydney’s Southwest, which supplies power to smaller zone substations throughout the area.  It was critical, therefore, that the design of the large new switchroom building was carefully coordinated to avoid any impact on the adjoining live switchyard, whilst also accommodating existing sewer and stormwater service pipes and a high water table.

This was all achieved within the confines of the very tight site by the innovative use of a soldier pile retaining system for the basement, and prefabricated steel and concrete elements for much of the remainder of the building.  Lindsay Dynan used a full 3D-model of the building to act as coordinator and clash detection tool with the model incorporating the existing services and all of the new drainage pipes and electrical conduits.