Building Information Modelling (BIM) Services

Lindsay Dynan identified the importance of developments in 3D-modelling and Building Information Modelling or BIM technology over 10 years ago.

We are convinced BIM will prove to be the greatest revolution in the engineering industry since computerisation.  Bigger than CAD, which is limited to documentation, BIM is changing the way projects are actually delivered.  We believe the use of BIM will soon be an industry expectation.  As BIM consultants, we are thoroughly committed to realising this, as is demonstrated by our heavy investments in both training and software.

More Than a Drafting Tool
As BIM engineers we use BIM as a project planning tool, a construction sequencing tool, a costing and procurement tool and a whole-of-life building management tool.  BIM can produce a virtual product complete with every intricate detail, whether that be a building, a processing plant, an aeroplane, a shiploader or whatever.  

Beyond 3D-Modelling
If developed interactively with the whole design team, including the builder and the operator, it is possible to electronically construct a model where every aspect of the product or building has been designed, pre-planned, costed and, most importantly, understood by the end user.  Having successfully implemented BIM into many of our recent projects, we believe we are at the leading edge of this technology.  We continue to move forward, utilising 4D and 5D options in our projects.

BIM's Potential
To best utilise BIM, project delivery models need to be tailored to its advantages.  The full potential of BIM requires the design consultants, constructor, owner and operator to be part of a single team.  As BIM engineers, we support sharing models between all consultants to maximise the benefits of proper coordination and clash detection.  We encourage the development of a comprehensive BIM file, to be handed over to the building owners after project completion, facilitating their ongoing asset management and maintenance program. 

We are assisting our clients to realise the full potential of BIM.  We have utilised and continue to provide Business Information Modelling & Analysis engineering services in both industrial and commercial applications.  The BUILDING INFORMATION MODELLING (BIM) PROJECTS section gives a good indication of assignments we have successfully completed using these services, including genuine animations.

Please also refer to our Project Management & Project Programming Services, which we regard as closely interlinked with BIM.