Argenton Substation
Argenton NSW


Civil & Structural Engineering

Brewster Murray Pty Limited

The Task and Our Role
Lindsay Dynan was engaged for the civil and structural design of a new substation at Argenton, which has become a major hub in the electrical distribution network in the Hunter region.

Ausgrid’s design brief required that the main building last for over 100 years without the requirement for major maintenance and its prominent location on a major road dictated attention be paid to the aesthetics of the building as well as the need for strength and durability.

The project also included several significant civil design requirements, including a heavy duty bridge at the entrance of the substation which was needed for delivery of heavy transformers.

A significant environmental issue at the site also needed to be addressed in the civil design.  The creek that runs along the front of the site contains mineral residue from mining in the area, with concentrated levels deposited in a bend in the creek adjacent to the site.  To avoid future erosion, this section of the creek was relined.  Extra care was required during the construction of the bridge to avoid disturbance to the mineral deposits leading to further contamination.