Analysis of Vibrating Structures

Lindsay Dynan is a market leader in the analysis and design of vibration sensitive structures.

As engineering consultants, we strive to optimise designs so that they are economical to build, whilst their form and function are not compromised.  The process necessitates close interaction between the structural design engineers, other design professionals and the client.  

We have developed our own systems for the analysis of complex structures housing multiple vibration sources and these have been tested on over 100 vibrating structures.  The reliability of outcomes has been a key part of our success within this industry.

The general purpose, finite element program 'STRAND7' is the primary tool we use.  We work to analyse the total structural system, incorporating best estimates of mass, stiffness and damping.  We have a set of quality assurance and review procedures strictly applied to each project.

The key to our success as strucutral engineers in the design of these complex structures is two-fold:

  1. We apply state-of-the-art analysis and design techniques to provide the highest possible level of confidence in the expected final performance of the structure.
  2. Through regular reporting and consultation with our clients and other design professionals, we can ensure that all parties are kept aware of design considerations that may affect the performance structure.

Take a look at a couple of projects utilising this process on the ANALYSIS OF VIBRATING STRUCTURES PROJECTS page.