465 Victoria Avenue
Chatswood NSW

FKP Property Trust

Civil & Structural Engineering

FKP Property Trust; Krikis Tayler Architects

The Task
The building at 465 Victoria Avenue Chatswood was built in the early 1990s.  It has a premium location, being immediately adjacent to Chatswood railway station, and the podium is a major thoroughfare for people entering the commercial precinct of Chatswood.  The podium garden, however, did not attract any people and was in need of rectification.  FKP, along with Krikis Tayler Architects and Lindsay Dynan, wanted to create a space that was vibrant and draw in visitors.  The innovative and visionary scheme comprised a new 18m diameter rotunda restaurant as well as reinvigoration of the retail area with a very impressive glazed awning to draw people into the area.

Our Role
Lindsay Dynan was engaged by FKP to undertake the design of the revitalisation of the podium level.  The podium steelwork and public domain upgrade was part of a larger refurbishment of the whole building. The lightweight steel rotunda shaped restaurant is a unique eye-catching structure.  The design comprises a light cable net truss to achieve the very large 18m span.

Lindsay Dynan, through smart design and creative thinking, were able to work with the architects to make this design a reality.  We were able to create a space that was cost effective to build, and also exceed the client’s expectations in terms of the impact on the space and surrounding streetscape.